The US and Australia have agreed to strengthen military cooperation to counter China's growing influence and territorial claims.

As part of this agreement, the US Secretary of Defense and Secretary of State announced a meeting with their Australian counterparts.

The agreement will increase the US rotational presence in Australia.

The US will deploy its attack submarines at more bases in southwestern and northern Australia.

There will also be an increase in space cooperation between the two countries, which will be used for disaster relief and security in Darwin and Taiwan.

Under the deal, the US will help Australia develop its own defense industry, which could include guided weapons and other powerful radiation devices.

Australia will also be helped in acquiring nuclear-powered submarines

The joint US-Australia agreement refers to the strategic security agreement between the two countries.

The US will help co-produce Guided Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (GMLRS) in Australia by 2025.

Under this agreement, cooperation in the field of development and security with both the countries will be improved and space cooperation will also be increased.