The former President is ready to win the 2024 election. Because according to new polls, Bioderm is trailing

Former President Donald Trump's return to the White House seems confirmed

There were 2,068 registered voters in the poll held from July 19-20.

Due to the lawsuit being deep in the presidential nominating calendar and after the Republican nominee is clear, the nomination of the candidate will not begin until much later.

Mr. Trump holds a five-point lead (45% to 40%) over President Joe Biden.

Mr. DeSantis is also ahead of the President by a single point (41% to 40%).

Vice President Kamala Harris' polling is worse than President Biden's 40% for Mr. Trump (47% plus nine points) and Mr. DeSantis (41% plus two points).

61% of respondents claimed the country to be on the "wrong track", 29% said it was on the "right track", and 10% answered "don't know" or "unsure".

A federal judge in Florida is about to set a hearing date for an indictment related to the illegal possession of hundreds of classified documents.

After that date is set, Trump will face state charges in a separate trial in New York examining business records in connection with alleged secret money payments to a porn actor.