Biden has announced a veto on Republican-backed defense, health and agriculture spending bills.

Speaker of the House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy has been accused of backtracking on the level of spending agreed in the debt-ceiling agreement

The White House has threatened to veto HR 4366, which would keep fiscal year 2024 spending at this year's level

The White House has also threatened to veto a separate agriculture and health spending bill.

warned about the devastating consequences of cutting provisions included in the law, such as cuts to reproductive health care, climate change initiatives and protections for the LGBT community.

Bipartisan debt ceiling agreement would keep spending steady for fiscal year 2024, allowing for a 1% increase for fiscal year 2025.

The deal was approved by 149 House Republicans to 165 Democrats.

Forty-six Democrats spoke out against the deal, which imposes tougher work requirements on poor families who receive food assistance or monetary assistance and face barriers to employment.

The deal would cut about $1.5 trillion in fiscal year 2024.

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