25 people died in a forest fire in Algeria, including 10 military personnel.

The Ministry of Interior evacuated 1,500 people.

15 dead and 24 injured were announced

The Defense Ministry announced 10 soldiers killed and 25 wounded in Beni Kassila, a resort area east of Algiers.

The forest fire has been burning for many days

Due to increased strong winds in 16 areas, 97 fires broke out

The biggest and deadliest fire ravaged parts of Béjía and Jijel in the Kabyle region east of Algiers.

The operation included 7,500 firefighters and 350 trucks on the ground, as well as air support.

Last August also 37 people died in a forest fire in Algeria

Strong winds and heat waves have fueled wildfires this year, including in Greece and around the Mediterranean.